• Image of The Kolaj Archive

Kolaj Magazine is a quarterly, printed, art magazine reviewing and surveying contemporary collage with an international perspective. We are interested in collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century art movement. In addition to the magazine, Kolaj publishes catalogs, booklets, programs, special editions, and trading card packs.

The editorial philosophy of Kolaj Magazine is such that we want each issue to be a timeless document of collage and artists, writers, curators, and thinkers who work in this global community. In response to a number of requests from those seeking to build and maintain a complete archive, we offer this page as a resource.

The complete archive (39 issues of the magazine plus 6 World Collage Day Special Editions, as of December 2023) is available for purchase. If you are looking to complete an archive that you have already started building, use this checklist to identify your missing issues, send us an email, and we will provide you a custom quote for the missing items.

Outside of Canada? for US $ pricing, go HERE.